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Jackett Setup

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  1. Download and extract the latest Jackett.Binaries.LinuxAMDx64.tar.gz release from the releases page
# tar to a directory you want
tar -xf Jackett.Binaries.LinuxAMDx64.tar.gz
  1. To install Jackett as a service, open a Terminal, cd to the jackett folder and run sudo ./ You need root permissions to install the service. The service will start on each logon. You can always stop it by running systemctl stop jackett.service from Terminal. You can start it again it using systemctl start jackett.service. Logs are stored as usual under ~/.config/Jackett/log.txt and also in journalctl -u jackett.service.


You can set password, or port by UI.

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Last updated on 8/27/2021