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Everything I Know by Owen

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A personal knowledge based wiki, where I share everything I know. I will be updating this wiki quite often as I use it myself daily both to keep an account of things I know as well as things I want to know and everything in-between. More details see About Me and the Wiki. I hope it's a gift for my grandchildren(if I have :)

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Why I build this?

  • Knowledge that is not remembered/not found is useless
  • My memory is poor
  • I am eager to show(show off) what I know
  • Records make me feel like I'm not wasting my time
  • The cost of writing a blog is high, but the cost of writing notes is low
  • I need a non-vendor locked solution to motivate me to record permanently
  • Plain text is forever

How I build this?

The source and site are hosted on GitHub - theowenyoung/wiki: Personal Knowledge Base Wiki, Everything I Know.

I am proud to have developed my own theme GitHub - theowenyoung/gatsby-theme-primer-wiki: Gatsby Theme Primer Wiki, If you want to build your own wiki like this, you can follow GitHub - theowenyoung/foam-template-gatsby-theme-primer-wiki or obsidian-template-gatsby-theme-primer-wiki if you prefer Obsidian.

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Last updated on 4/7/2022