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About Me and the Wiki

About the Wiki

Since I found Everything I know, I was fascinated by this concept, about the wiki, second brain, lifetime notes, backlinks, tags. I realized that "Yes, this is what I want to do", I used to create many blogs, Tumblr, WordPress, Hexo, Hugo, Gatsbyjs, etc. But I do not post too many posts, cause there is a certain cost for a blog post. But not for note/wiki. And also I like tags, wiki links for connecting my notes, and there are no other themes that support this. So I created a new Gatsby theme for this. If you you want to build a wiki like this, you can get started from this foam template or obsidian template if you prefer Obsidian.

Now , I'am using foam and obsidian to edit the wiki.

About Me

A failure of English learning

I've learned English more than 10 years, but it still sucks, so I registered a Twitter @TheOwenYoung for only English tweets, and this wiki and blog to force me to use more English.


Full stack developer, main technology stack is javascript. Find more my projects Projects

What am I doing now?

See what am I doing now at here

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Other Resources

How I built my wiki?

How I built my blog?


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Last updated on 4/6/2022