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Mastdon Development Setup

Also see dev/setup admin/install

  1. Install Ruby

Ruby Setup for MacOS

  1. Install Node

See nvm

  1. Install postgres

Postgres Setup for Macos

  1. Install redit
brew install redis
brew services start redis
  1. Clone
git clone [email protected]:mastodon/mastodon.git live
  1. Install ruby dependences
cd live
bundle config set --local with 'development'
bundle install
  1. Install yarn
npm install --global yarn
  1. Install nodejs dependences
  1. Init database
RAILS_ENV=development bundle exec rails db:setup
  1. Install foreman for multiple run
gem install foreman --no-document
  1. Open


email: [email protected]:3000 password: mastodonadmin

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Last updated on 9/24/2021